What Is a Pneumatic Tube System

What is a Pneumatic Tube System?

Pneumatic tube systems are systems in which carriers are propelled through a network of tubes by vacuum and / or pressure.

Pneumatic tube systems have become an integral part of modern day industry focused on rapid cost efficient conveyancing of objects such as cash, documentation, lab specimens and pharmaceuticals.

How a Pneumatic Tube System Works

A Pneumatic Tube system connects the sending Main Station to the receiving Substation. The Remote Blower creates vacuum / pressure in the tube which propels the Carrier from the Main Station to the receiving Substation. The deliverables, cash or materials travel inside the Carrier.

Pneumatic Tube point to point system

Systems may consist of many types of stations. Transfers can be facilitated bi-directionally.

Pneumatic Tube automatic and semi automatic systems

Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic systems accommodate multiple sending and receiving stations. Diverters direct Carriers to selectable destinations.

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Pneumatic Tube Advantages

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