Testimonials – Pneumatic Tube System Reviews

Zip Tube Systems pneumatic tube system reviews

Physical Plant Services at St. Paul’s Hospital have been ordering parts for maintenance and renovations of our system from Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ since 1995. We are quite pleased with the quick service, good workmanship and friendly attitude of Norm and his employees.
Chief Engineer
Physical Plant Services
St. Paul's Hospital

The custom fabricated long radius sweeps purchased from Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ have always met our criteria in tolerances throughout the sweeps, therefore eliminating the need of costly returns and rejections. It is a pleasure to work with Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ as their openness to solve the various engineering challenges is met with enthusiasm. Service, quality of products, and their friendly approach ensure that the final results satisfy our needs and expectations.
Supervisor, Engineering Support
Applied Technology Group
Nuclear Physics Triumf UBC

I would like to express my thanks for the extra effort last night, with your efforts we have managed to keep our customer extremely satisfied.
Project Manager
Bridge Electric Corp.

We are a fast paced warehouse and require quick response in all our systems within our facility. Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ has allowed us rapid response between our sales staff and shipping / receiving department which ensures our company runs as a more cohesive team. Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ has always provided us with top quality service and worked around our busy timeline. We have had their system in our facility since we opened three and a half years ago and have needed only one service that required only a minor adjustment.
Plant Manager
Krown Produce Ltd.

We are at the end of our first week and we have not had any problems. The system is easy to use and the staff seem to enjoy using it, more importantly it is doing what we wanted and expected
Senior Manager
HSBC Bank Canada
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