Pneumatic Tube Systems - Canada & USZip Tube Systems Ltd™ Company Overview

Since 1965, Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ has installed, serviced and maintained Pneumatic Tube Transfer systems in hospitals, financial institutions, auto dealerships, retail chains, processing plants, warehouses, government buildings, correctional facilities, theatres and toll booths throughout North America.

We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced products available and to deliver superior customer care.

Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ offers fast, efficient, secure material transfer solutions for a wide variety of operations including commercial, distribution, retail, industry and health care.

Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ are operating in numerous locations in Canada and The United States.

A word from our clients…

Physical Plant Services at St. Paul’s Hospital have been ordering parts for maintenance and renovations of our system from Zip Tube Systems Ltd.™ since 1995. We are quite pleased with the quick service, good workmanship and friendly attitude of Norm and his employees.
Chief Engineer
Physical Plant Services
St. Paul's Hospital

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